Oceanic Verses

Oceanic Verses is a video triptych created in collaboration with composer Paola Prestini and librettist Donna DiNovelli. It can be performed as a live opera or exhibited as a recording in a gallery or theatre. Past performances include

View a video promotion, a study of folk musician Claudio Prima, and sample triptychs. You can buy a DVD of the full opera with video triptychs from VIA Records.

Julian Wachner, Conductor
Helga Davis, Vocalist & Improviser as “The Scholar”
Christopher Burchett, Baritone as “The Soldier”
Hila Plitmann, Soprano as “The Mother”
Claudio Prima, Folksinger & Accordionist as “The Sailor”
Chiara de Pascalis & Cecilia Maffei as “The Peasant”
Emio Greco of Emio Greco PC & Danilo Di Vitis as “The Soldier”
La Fabricca di Gesti
The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
De|Coda Orchestra